10 Easy Steps to Clean Closet

Charmaine Peace

As we enter summer, now is the perfect time to clean out your closet. I generally like to clean out my closet at the end of each season but it’s a good rule of thumb to clean out your closet 2-3 times a year.

As A Fashion Merchandising major, I need to clean out my closet regularly and have developed a system to make the process efficient, easy, and painless. I know cleaning out your closet can seem like a daunting task but you will love your closet so much more when you are finished, Lets Get Started!



Step 1: Get in the mood — Prepare yourself mentally, Grab a friend maybe even a glass of wine. Lets get to work. 

Step 2: Focus on the present – I clean my closet by seasons. In today’s case (May) – I would suggest focusing on Spring and Summer clothes ONLY. You can then repeat this process for your fall and winter clothes when the time comes. 

Step 3: Start with a freshly made bed— The Cleaner your palette the faster the process will move. If you fill up your bed use any other empty space that available (I.E dresser, chair, or night-stand).

Step 4: Remove ALL items from closet— Place item onto the bed neatly with hangers still attached. Thing that are folded or need to be folded place neatly on bed. Refold if needed. 

Step 5: Clean Closet— Vacuum or swept closet once it is empty. Pick up any shoes on the floor and properly arrange them. *This would be that time to purchase that shoe rack.

Here is where the rubber meets the rode…

Step 6: Organizing the clothes— When going through your clothes you want to make sure that you have 3 piles. Keep, Giveaway/Donate, and Damage.


Ask yourself…

  1. Have you worn this item within the last year? Does it flatter my body type?

Our styles develop over time. Yes there are some pieces that are worth keeping inside your closet forever. However if that polka dot blouse you just love but haven't worn in years still lives in your closet. It is time to give it a new home. Sometimes we hold on to things for sentimental value or just because we’ve seen someone else rock it well – BUT it’s time to be truly honest with your own style. Create your own personality in your style. Embrace what works for your body and skin complication.


  1. Does it need fixing?

Our idea of getting something fixed may just all be a thought in our head. We plan to get it fixed but months later still the same broken heel or torn skirt. If you plan to get a item fix that is damage give yourself a month. If its fixed within the time frame GREAT!! If not TOSS IT!! Make room in your closet for things to actually wear, not take up space.

Step 6: What to do with the NOs— This is important. Keeping NO item in your home can be like having uninvited roommate. Its important to get rid of the NOs right away. Some option You can donate them to places like GoodWill or even a younger relative. Online there are places such as Poshmark and OfferUp that allow you to sell gently used item. In Atlanta we have places such as Buffalo Exchange, Rag O Rama and Platos Closet that will give you money for your things. Just be sure to get it out right away.

Step 7: Place clothes back in closet— Here you can get very creative. There are many ways to arrange your closet. I personally alloys arrange my closet in color coordination. You can also organize it by items, i.e. pants, skirt,  blouse, jacket. Get creative!! Its your closet. And don't forget about the new shoe rack!

Icing on the Cake…

Step 8: Display featured items— Just bought a new bag? Display it! Have a funky shoe? Highlight it in your closet. Your closet is your own personal shop. Make it exciting!

Step 9: Hanger—Purchasing liked color hangers really make a difference. Here is  little secret to budget getting same color hangers.Buy any color spray paint, I suggest Black. Remove all hangers from closet and spray them. Let dry and finish it with hair spray or finishing gloss for safe measures.. There a quick DIY for same color hangers

Step 10: Finger Space—This is when you measure about a fingers length apart from each hanger. This will give your closet the extra polish to make it look effortlessly perfect.

What are some of your favorite tips for cleaning out your closet? Would love to hear from you below… Rebelinheels Xo.